Francis Du

💻 Big Data Engineer | 🦀 Rustacean | 🥳 Co-organizer @GDG Beijing

07 Dec 2020

URL Shortener

What’s it

URL-Shortener is a simple app that is build on Cloudflare Workers using API.


How to use

Deploy to Cloudflare Workers

Web UI

  • Open Website

  • Paste the long link you want to shorten.

  • Click the Go button to generate a short link.

Get request

  • Request Url

  • Request parameters and return response data

parameters description required
?link="" link, which you want to shorten Y
?api=“true” Return json data - Required Y
?title="" title of created URL to be shown in admin panel N
?path"" optional path part of newly created link. If empty - it will be generated automatically N